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Midwest Diplomacy was created in September 2013 to make complex international topics more accessible to the average reader. Focusing on regional crises and global problems, MWD hopes to bring greater attention to worldwide issues and generate discussion. Articles are based in objective analysis followed by the personal opinion of the author. MWD welcomes a diverse range of opinions, but stresses the importance of a grounded factual basis and sourced information.

If interested in writing for MWD please contact Emilio at midwestdiplomacy@gmail.com. Preference is given to authors who have published previously, but all are welcome to submit articles.


Emilio Giuliani, Founder & Managing Editor

Born and raised in Minnesota, Emilio is currently working as a consultant in the United Arab Emirates. He graduated with distinction from the University of Wisconsin – Madison majoring in political science, international studies and history. Previously, he worked at the Embassy of Iraq authoring a report assessing midterm Iraqi domestic development that was translated into Arabic for the Ambassador and forwarded to the Foreign Ministry to inform policy.  At present, he focuses on global security, international education, and the crises in Iraq and Syria.

William Akoto, Contributor

William is presently the Thurmond Atwater Fellow at the University of South Carolina  completing his PhD in Political Science. He has a keen interest in issues relating to governance, coup d’eats, rebellions and other forms of conflict.




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